Thursday, 29 Mar 2018

Muslim playing

muslim playing

16 Dec Paul Pogba is the latest Muslim to have joined the English Premier League, playing for Manchester United. He was introduced to the Islamic faith by his mother. Yeo Moriba, his mother, has been described as his inspiration. The English Premier League is the most watched professional sport league in the. 24 Feb Before hatred of Islam became an obsession among high-profile rabble-rousers and their followers, it was black players who had to put up with racism. Febrile stadium atmospheres turned poisonous, with groups such as the National Front recruiting at games. Xenophobic ditties belted out in the s and. 26 Jun One of the greatest footballers of all time, Zidane is probably the most famous Muslim footballer to ever play the game. A once in a generation player, Zidane has now made an extremely successful transition to management, even winning the Champions League twice in two years with Real Madrid. muslim playing