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All lick

all lick

Kevin wanted a lick of Sarah's lollipop. [+ of]. 2. verb. If you lick someone or something, you easily defeat them in a fight or competition. [informal]. He might be able to lick us all in a fair fight. [VERB noun]. The Chancellor's upbeat message that the Government had licked inflation for good was marred by more job losses. Lick may refer to: Licking, the action of passing the tongue over a surface. Places[ edit]. Lick (crater), a crater on the Moon named after James Lick; Lick, an asteroid named after James Lick; Lick Township, Jackson County, Ohio, United States. People[edit]. Lick (surname), people with "Lick" as a surname. Dennis Lick. Others said that John, as a member of the board, had refused to sign both the Trust deed and the contract for the Fredericksburg monument honoring James Lick's grandfather who had fought in the Revolution under George Washington. 41 James Lick was so furious that he decided to dismiss all the trustees, with the .

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Scientists are now looking for ways to make use of this information in ways that can lead to chronic wounds, burns, and injuries being healed by saliva, making this type of treatment as common as antibiotic creams and rubbing alcohol. Word origin of 'lick'.

: All lick

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all lick