Thursday, 29 Mar 2018

Nerd filmed

nerd filmed

5 Jan Gor is a fantasy film from the late '80s based on a series of novels, and it is, at heart, about two simple things: Nerd revenge fantasies, and man-taint. The former is exemplified by Gor's protagonist, who is little more than a grown-up version of that one kid on the playground who insisted he fought off a gang. Filming Dates. 1 April - 10 May ; 18 May ; 15 September ; 23 November - December ; 30 December ; 16 February ; 7 March - 2 April ; 3 April - 10 April ; August ; October ; December 29 Jan While the motion picture "Revenge of the Nerds" made national news, the fact that it was filmed largely on the campus of the University of Arizona was not so widely.


Nerd Gets REJECTED, but Then Takes Off His JACKET nerd filmed