Thursday, 29 Mar 2018

Curves transsexual

curves transsexual

Looking for to add feminine curves to your figure? Talk to Dr. Rumer, the hips and buttocks. Fatty tissue can be removed from any part of the body to slim down or sculpt those areas and placed in your buttocks and hips to give you the feminine curves you were born to have. transgender-male-to-female-body- contouring. 6 Oct We recently contacted the folks at Transformations Labs to inquire about their newest innovation in Transgender Support Capsules - "Dangerous Curves". What Is Dangerous Curves? Dangerous Curves is a synergizing agent and an accompanying support supplement to be used with their original "MTF. 11 May Edited this post to be a bit more specific. My question is, what has worked for you to best achieve that feminine figure? Obviously hormones help.


How to Feminize Your Body Without HRT